C. M. Duffy


10.02.18 - 10.26.18


“The work entombed within these walls celebrates a very personal love and muse: classic horror of the silver screen. Some of the films that inspired these pieces might seem quaint or archaic, but they left me sleepless in my formative years and I’d do it all again.


Inspired by the classic horror of the silver screen


“The title of this show is also an allusion to the process of the final work herein. Each piece begins life as a black and white original, but just as Frankenstein imbues new life into his creation so too do these works find themselves reborn. Digital colouring and tweaking rework the original art into vibrant final prints, transformed as if they were victims of a werewolf’s curse in the light of a full moon. 


“Also showcased are the depictions of 28 unfortunates who were once the occupants of a now-defunct orphanage, Rosemary’s Home for Monstrous Children. Can you name them all?”

— C. M. Duffy


C. M. Duffy is an artist and illustrator hailing from Connecticut, but currently living in Toronto.
Check out more of his work here.

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