Aaron Leighton & Davin Risk


09.06.18 - 06.28.18

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“Fine Art can be so serious. This work began as a joyful game of visual tag, throwing the usual creative anxieties to the wind. Plus, staring at computers all day hurts our eyes.


A joyful game of visual tag that ditches notions of authorship


“We ditch the idea of “authorship” and simply enjoy the creative process. We actively try to let go of preciousness, and adapt with each new piece, giving each other the freedom to obscure any element in the previous layer.


“We embrace change, even if it appears destructive, eagerly awaiting each other’s final pieces to see what weird evolution might have happened along the way. Will it be ruined? Or better? Or both?


“After finishing each other’s pieces, there is a secondary game: guessing which of us has actually finished it. In the most successful pieces, this can be tricky with each piece technically finished only through our combined efforts.

“Is this the first time the buddy system has been used to create art? We’re going to assume it is.”

— Aaron Leighton and Davin Risk

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